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Thanks for your interest in this store!

I’m a 3D printing enthusiast (and VORON builder), and I also happen to be a design engineer for my day job. I’m passionate about all things retrogaming!

You can check out my (growing) Thingiverse page here.

I created the first BeefyGrip after an extended playtime testing out the AYN Odin Pro. The Odin is comfy for 3D games, but I felt that the ergonomics could be improved for playing D-Pad games.

I posted my design on reddit, and someone asked me if I would sell them one. Then another person did. Then another.

One unique aspect of this project is that you are welcome to download the STL files for the basic models and print the grip yourself! I’m not charging for the base model STL files. Obviously I’m an engineer, and not a businessperson (or website designer 🙁 ).

(Note: BeefyGrip Pro models are not available to download and print. These are exclusively products for sale).

I created this website in order to offer a convenient, high quality solution to those who want a grip printed without the hassle of printing it yourself.

Avoid the Etsy fees and buy directly from the creator.

I’m always open to thoughts, ideas, and opportunities to collaborate with the community. Even more so, I love seeing pictures of prints that people produce – so send those my way!



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